Magritte's Dark Angels
Magritte's Dark Angels
2015, 44" x 28", Oil on Canvas
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A Paris night scene. The painting features two dark angel-like figures with raised wings standing on the Pont Alexander III bridge overlooking the River Seine. The bridge, illuminated with a line of ornate Art Nouveau iron gas lamps, reflects the exuberant Beaux-Arts style of the late 1900s.

Two travellers pause in the middle of the bridge huddled beneath an umbrella, perhaps reading a map. In front of the travellers a third individual, dressed in a black overcoat and hat, sits atop a penny-farthing style large wheeled bicycle. He's stopped and hovers a few feet above the pavement facing one of the angels. The scene in the interior space of the spokeless wheels appears slightly altered, evoking a lightness in atmosphere.

The cyclist is watching with curiosity and quiet anticipation as one of the dark angels reads a note from home.