The Blue Angels
The Blue Angels
1992/94, 36" x 60", Oil on Canvas
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The Blue Angels 50th Anniversary Painting by Robert Vanderhorst.

In 1995, with the assistance of Admiral Skip Furlong, former Vice President of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, and Capt. Bob Rasmussen, Director of the National Museum of Naval Aviation at NAS Pensacola, I created a 3′ x 6′ oil painting celebrating the 50th. anniversary of the Blue Angels. The painting depicts all eight of the aircraft used by the Blues since their inception in 1946.

Cdr. Butch Voris originated the Blue Angels and flew the first F6F Hellcat for the team in 1946. He also named the new Navy flight demonstration team after a bar in New York City called "The Blue Angel".

The Blue Angels was on loan to the United States Museum of Naval Aviation at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Floria, and hung in the atrium of the museum.

The painting has been aquired by the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC, and is now part of their permanent art collection.

Below are listed the first flight leaders for each aircraft used by the Blues.

F6F "Hellcat" Cdr. Butch Voris Team Leader 1946
F8F "Bearcat" Lcdr. Dusty Rhodes Team Leader 1947-50
F9F-5 "Panther" Lcdr. Ray Hawkins Team Leader 1952-53
F9F-8 "Cougar" Cdr. Zeke Cormier Team Leader 1954-56
F11 "Tiger" Cdr. Ed Holley Team Leader 1957-58
F4 "Phantom" Cdr. Bill Wheat Team Leader 1967-69
A4 "Skyhawk" Cdr. Ken Wallace Team Leader 1974
F18 "Hornet" Capt. Gil Rud Team Leader 1986-8


Painting by Robert W. Vanderhorst
Original music by Jeff Plewman (aka Nash the Slash)

Original painting at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC

Video design: Jeff Plewman (Nash the Slash)
Video editing: David Hodge at EizoQuest
Video credits and editing: James Redekop
Video authoring by Optix Digital Pictures
Audio mastering at e-room by Peter J. Moore
Music written, produced, performed by Jeff Plewman (Nash the Slash)
Executive Producer: Bruce Burgess

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